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The jewellery industry is already using 3d to showcase their work, but usually not in a catalogue, and high-quality level to be used for advertising or main marketing material to attract customers. This is the very reason we exist.

Also, every jewellery photograph is so heavily retouched, that they look more like a 3d render than a photograph.

Jewellery photography is the most challenging aspect of all product photography rolled into one, and recreating it in 3d is even more difficult and a special challenge.

Jewellery requires very special lighting, diffused and direct combined, and the gemstones require different lightings, the metal too. To show every detail of them.

There are no simple go-to lighting setups for high-end jewellery, like a soft box used for cheap product bulk shots, every item requires its lighting setup, and even if the angle change, the lighting needs to be changed too.

Therefore I combined my jewellery photography, lighting and 3d knowledge to provide you with jewellery visuals ready for advertising.

You will get the same results as from a photographer and the benefits that come with 3d to present and advertise your jewellery even before production.

All images are hand-crafted. So you won't get copyright issues if the images were made with AI.

The project to go successfully, I would like to know you, your brand, your needs and your scope. Then we can define a clear strategy suited to your business needs to produce a marketing tool.

Feel free to message or dm then we can set up a Zoom call.


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