London. It’s all tea and biscuits, jolly red bus rides and trips to Buckingham Palace. Right? Wrong. How do you explain those ‘only in London’ moments to someone who’s never lived there?

In order to inject some originality into our approach to new business, and increase PR and sales opportunities, it made commercial and strategic sense to showcase our creative design and writing skills in the process.

We explored the key insight that people want to feel a sense of belonging wherever they go. Pubs, clubs, galleries, restaurants, shops, study classes: it’s human nature to desire to be part of something — at home and abroad.

Rather than the well-beaten path of guide books, travel apps and general opinions, we
created London Calling to bring the real London to life. In all its glory and grubbiness. Think of it as a ‘Londictionary’ — a verbal and visual guide to the capital.

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