Getting from A to B has never been so challenging. The processes that connect us have never been so inefficient.

The global shipping industry is weighed down by manual, paper-led bureaucracy and inefficiency, unnecessarily complicating shipments from port to port. Today, across the world, there are approximately $1.8 trillion in efficiency savings to be made.

IBM and Maersk challenged us to take advantage of that opportunity.

We developed a look and feel that communicates the simplicity, utility and targeted nature of the platform. The logo centres on the cross-hair, representing the precise moment of clarity at which information is combined, highlighted and presented to the user.

To reach our audience, we also create the TradeLens website: an online stage designed to directly parallel the simplicity of the platform experience. We applied the Simple Genius brand lens to our information architecture, ensuring the offer communicates through instinctive use.

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