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Hi, I am Kira, welcome to my creative space, I am an illustrator, artist and graphic designer.
In the past years I have been working as a graphic designer, lately I am concentrating more on my artist and illustrator side. I enjoy working on different projects and I am always up to new challenges. I have been always very imaginative since I was a child. People, nature, places around me are my inspiration, sometimes even my night dreams.
I lived my life between Italy, England and Finland, and in the last four years I had the chance to live in Czech Republic, Denmark and Portugal. In every place I have been breathing art, design and architecture but also hot sun, cold snow, history and nature. I have been immersed in many cultures trying to understand differences and finding common grounds.
I love to travel, discover new places, hidden treasures, and less used path. I have many passions, books and food are among them. My friends and family are my fuel.


Brand / Logo Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interface Design, Painting, Web Design

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