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Hi! I'm Kim. Welcome to my profile!

I specialise in book illustration and visual development for animation - including concept art, character and prop design, and character and scene layout. I also offer 2D animation services.

In terms of qualifications, in 2019, I graduated with a degree in Design in Animation with First Class Honours.
I am currently employed as a children's book illustrator for the Shawline Publishing Group, and am tutoring ambitious artists on Superprof!

I have studio experience as a full-time contract character and prop designer / layout artist and animator at Kapow Pictures. I have also completed a design internship with Cheeky Little Media.
My main aim when designing characters is to imbue each one with a strong sense of character by giving them a number of individual details unique to them that give the viewer nuanced information about who they are and by applying all I've learned through years of observational studies about how people tend to always dress, move and carry themselves in a way that makes them - them! From a full outrageous choice of wardrobe all the way down to a chipped toenail - every detail counts!

I have spent the past decade using a wide variety of different drawing tools and techniques, both digital and traditional, so that I ensure that I naturally take an open-minded and experimental approach to my work. I've found that this mindset goes a very long way in crafting worlds and characters that feel truly original.

Thanks for dropping in! If you feel my work and experience suits your needs, I look forward to helping you achieve your creative goals!


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Kapow Pictures, Shawline Publishing Group, Theresa Julian

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