About me

My focus has been on the creation of user interfaces, whether it be development or design. My passions lie at the intersection of the two and so has the majority of my work.

I spend most of time crafting web-based UIs using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, spanning several web application stacks including .NET, Node.js, Java, Grails, Django, PHP and Ruby on Rails. You'll find I enjoy being thrown into the deep-end with an unknown platform and finding my swimming legs pretty quick.

When I'm not coding, I'm involved in the product-design side of things like sketching out wireframes and designs on paper or whiteboard, making clickable prototypes and user-testing them.

I can speak geek and artist and can translate concepts from both so design and engineering teams can better communicate between each other as well as convey these concepts to end-users and stakeholders.

I love thinking up and designing new products and/or services that leverages my creative skills and satisfies the challenge junkie in me.

Current dabbles:

- working on my CS fundamentals with Khan Academy courses

- building stuff with TypeScript, Aurelia & D3

- progressive web apps


I frequently nerd on about:

JavaScript (the good parts that is), W3C standards, web interactivity, adaptive web experiences, separation of concerns, performance vs dev-ease, cross-browser carnage and jQuery plugin hell.

I address said nerdy concepts using:

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, Lo-Dash, Handlebars, Marionette, jQuery, Node.js and custom plugin/widget development.

I execute nerdy web stuff using:

Photoshop, WebStorm, IntelliJ, BrowserStack, Node.js (Gulp, Uglify, Browserify, r.js)


Product Design, SAAS, UX/UI, Web Design, Web Development

Sector Experience

Airline, Fine Art, Painting & Sculpture, Health, Marketing, SAAS, Telecoms

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Senior, Director
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