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Junction Eleven and Cogent partnered with Tommy’s, the UK’s largest charity funding research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

When a mum experiences baby loss, at any stage of the journey, it can be a really difficult time. Mums may not know where to turn for support, and often friends and family can’t offer the help that’s needed – maybe because nobody knew about the pregnancy, or because people don’t see a visible child. This can make Mother’s Day an especially hard time.

‘Together For Every Mum’, which launched on Mother’s Day, recognises the huge range of feelings and emotions that mums experience and the words that have stayed with them along their journey. It’s a way of letting mums know they are not alone whatever they are going through, or however they feel – this Mother’s Day, or any day.

To launch the campaign we helped real mums create an extremely brave and honest social piece. Looking into the camera and laying bare their emotions and experiences, they shared words which have stayed with them and that they often think about, especially on or around Mother’s Day
This was supported by content featuring mums from the film sharing one word describing how they feel
Temporary photo frame for Facebook #TogetherForEveryMum

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