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We are a Creative Management Agency, who put into each job the kind of heartfelt energy you’d expect from an agency with designs on being the best. Our people are select – photographers, illustrators, CGI animators, branded content creators – we represent them because they prize their craft and excel at what they do. Put together you have a team capable of delivering across all platforms, formats and budgets.

Artists: Carioca Studio, Carl Lyttle, COMER, Dean Northcott, Jason Lowe, John Bennett, Jon Attenborough, Jonny Storey, Lee Brimble, Manuel Archain, Matt Hind, Oliver Paffrath, Omer Knaz, PEROU, Satoshi Minakawa, Steve Ryan, Stuart McClymont, Alan Guzman, Alex Pasquarella, Assa Ariyoshi, Carla Lucena, Diana Beltran Herrera, Ewelina Dymek, Felt Mistress, Greg Coulton, Harrison Edwards, Iain Macarthur, Justin Poulter, Kareena Zerefos, Luke Waller, Marcus Butt, Neil Stevens, Raid71, Yippiehey, Yuschav Arly, Blonde + Co, BOOM CGI, Joseph Crone


Advertising, Agency Coordination, Artist Management, Content, content creation, Digital Art, Illustration, International, Photography, Producing, Production

Sector Experience

Advertising, Automotive, celebrity, Fashion, Food & Beverages, Health, lifestyle, portraiture


Adidas, Amazon, American Express, AMV BBDO, Apple, ASOS, BBH, CHI & Partners, Danone, Dunhill, Empire Magazine, Facebook, GQ Magazine, Grey London, Guinness World Records, Jameson, Karmarama, Leo Burnett, Lexus, LUSH Cosmetics Ltd, M&C Saatchi, Margaret Howell, Mcdonalds, Mullen Lowe, Panasonic, PepsiCo, Primark, Publicis, Publicis Lifebrands, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sainsbury, Shell, Smart, Tatler, Tetley tea, Vanity Fair, VCCP

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Annual 2018 BronzeJet Coffee PackagingIllustration Annual 2016 WinnerCoulrophobiaPhotography Annual 2015 WinnerCreativepool 2015 AnnualIllustration Annual 2018 ShortlistBlade Runner 2049 - Raid71Illustration Annual 2017 ShortlistNike England Football Kit 2016Advertising: Digital Annual 2017 ShortlistPEROU shoots Ab Fab Movie CampaignAdvertising: Print Annual 2017 ShortlistBeats by Dr Dre Japan 'Show your Color" by Satoshi MinakawaAdvertising: Print Annual 2017 ShortlistMcDonald's Great Tastes of the World - Jason LoweAdvertising: Print Annual 2017 ShortlistJameson's packaging by Greg CoultonPackaging Annual 2016 ShortlistYuschav ArlyIllustration Annual 2016 ShortlistCarioca Studio Pepsi Max project3D Annual 2016 ShortlistTheatre Poster by YippieheyAdvertising: Print
Top 10 Photography Agent Project featured:Photography
on 6th February 2015
Project featured:Illustration
on 2nd September 2015
Project featured:Typography
on 16th September 2015
Project featured:Illustration
on 16th September 2015
Project featured:CGi
on 17th September 2015
Project featured:Theatre Poster by Yippiehey
on 17th September 2015
Project featured:Felt Mistress
on 23rd September 2015
Project featured:Still Life
on 1st October 2015
Project featured:Paper Art
on 7th October 2015
Project featured:Yuschav Arly
on 8th October 2015
Project featured:Fashion illustration - Ewelina Dymek
on 15th October 2015
Project featured:Yippiehey's Brewtopia
on 22nd October 2015
Project featured:Felt Mistress Sunday Times Christmas Gift Guide
on 18th November 2015
Project featured:Coulrophobia
on 19th November 2015
Project featured:Emoticons by Yippiehey
on 2nd December 2015
Project featured:Neil Stevens
on 2nd December 2015
Project featured:Lee Brimble Honda NSX
on 9th December 2015
Project featured:Marcus Butt Illustration
on 17th December 2015
Project featured:Kunterbunt identity
on 6th January 2016
Project featured:Yippiehey's 'Type in Space'
on 26th January 2016
Project featured:Yippiehey's 'Type in Space'
on 26th January 2016
Project featured:Matt Hind for MHL, Margaret Howell SS16
on 12th February 2016
Project featured:Lydia Shirreff for Ryvita
on 4th March 2016
Project featured:Femfresh Adverts by PEROU
on 8th March 2016
Project featured:Ewelina Dymek latest work
on 16th March 2016
Project featured:Beats by Dr Dre Japan 'Show your Color" by Satoshi Minakawa
on 12th April 2016
Project featured:Raid71 - Lurzers 200 Best Illustrators - 2016 - new work
on 14th April 2016
Project featured:PEROU shoots Ab Fab Movie Campaign
on 19th April 2016
Project featured:AirFix Model
on 22nd April 2016
Project featured:Ewelina Dymek - new personal fashion illustration
on 26th April 2016
Project featured:Justin Poulter - "letterer"
on 3rd May 2016
Project featured:Yippiehey for Comfort Pure
on 26th May 2016
Project featured:Stuart McClymont - Ed Tudor Pole and John Moore
on 13th June 2016
Project featured:Boris by PEROU
on 16th June 2016
Project featured:Lydia Shirreff for ASOS
on 19th June 2016
Project featured:Carioca Studio Win Cannes Lions
on 27th June 2016
Project featured:Stephanie F. Scholz signs with JSR
on 30th June 2016
Project featured:Satoshi Minakawa - Panasonic
on 6th July 2016
Project featured:V&A Friday Late
on 8th July 2016
Project featured:Patswerk Emoji keyboard for American BTN football app
on 13th July 2016
Project featured:Jameson's packaging by Greg Coulton
on 19th July 2016
Project featured:Orajel Campaign by Carioca Studio
on 20th July 2016
Project featured:The Striking Lexus NX by Oliver Paffrath
on 28th July 2016
Project featured:Ewelina Dymek - Lourdes portrait
on 11th August 2016
Project featured:Mixed Media Project
on 2nd September 2016
Project featured:Carla Lucena for &London Magazine
on 7th September 2016
Project featured:Time Out project by Yippiehey
on 20th September 2016
Project featured:Google Allo App by Justin Poulter
on 30th September 2016
Project featured:Mens Fashion by Matt Hind
on 7th October 2016
Project featured:Introducing Illustrator Alex Pasquarella
on 17th October 2016
Project featured:New work by Ewelina Dymek
on 4th November 2016
Project featured:Hilary and The Donald for BBC Newsround by Felt Mistress
on 9th November 2016
Project featured:Amezaiku Sculpture by Satoshi Minakawa
on 18th November 2016
Project featured:Daisy Balloon by Satoshi Minakawa
on 1st December 2016
Project featured:Hand Drawn Type for Fantastic Beasts and Where they Come From.
on 2nd December 2016
Project featured:McDonald's Great Tastes of the World - Jason Lowe
on 8th December 2016
Project featured:Variety Magazine feature by Raid71
on 16th December 2016
Project featured:Washington Post Magazine by Assa Ariysohi
on 9th January 2017
Project featured:Nike England Football Kit 2016
on 11th January 2017
Project featured:Introducing Diana Beltran Herrera
on 24th January 2017
Project featured:Ballet Dancers by Satoshi Minakawa
on 3rd February 2017
Project featured:Time Out Bot Cover by BOOM CGI
on 9th February 2017
Project featured:Tetley Tea campaign by Justin Poulter
on 24th February 2017
Project featured:Comic Relief by PEROU
on 24th February 2017
Project featured:Honda NeuV and Clarity by Oliver Paffrath and BOOM CGi
on 9th March 2017
Project featured:Pearl Drops by PEROU
on 17th March 2017
Project featured:Line of Duty by Raid71
on 24th April 2017
Project featured:Time Out London cover by Greg Coulton
on 3rd May 2017
Project featured:Mid Century Architectural Illustrations by Carla Lucena
on 12th May 2017
Project featured:Encona Sauces Campaign by Steve Ryan and Yippiehey
on 19th May 2017
Project featured:Fab Lolly Campaign
on 2nd June 2017
Project featured:PEROU's Shortlist Cover - Ray Winstone
on 19th June 2017
Project featured:James Blunt cover
on 3rd July 2017
Project featured:Heidi Weisse Beer packaging by Greg Coulton
on 7th July 2017
Project featured:Washington Post Magazine cover by Yippiehey
on 18th September 2017
Project featured:Marilyn Manson by PEROU
on 19th September 2017
Project featured:Paper Sculpture by Diana Beltran Herrera
on 22nd September 2017
Project featured:Sports Editorial Illustrations by Raid71
on 27th September 2017
Project featured:Blade Runner 2049 - Raid71
on 5th October 2017
Project featured:Shortlist Magazine editorial by Robert G Fresson
on 6th October 2017
Project featured:Jet Coffee Packaging
on 2nd November 2017
Project featured:Eurostar Magazine by Harrison Edwards
on 10th January 2018
Project featured:The Last of Us 2 by Greg Coulton
on 11th January 2018
Project featured:SS18 highlights by Ewelina Dymek
on 12th January 2018
Project featured:Samuel Adams - Sam '76
on 20th February 2018
Project featured:Amazon Graduate Programme Advertising
on 27th February 2018
Project featured:NIvea Urban Skin Campaign by COMER
on 22nd March 2018
Project featured:Heidi-Weisse Wheat Beer
on 26th March 2018
Project featured:Annual 2018 Launch Party
on 15th May 2018
Project featured:Annual 2018 Launch Party - 2
on 17th May 2018
Project featured:Annual 2018 Launch Party - Winners
on 18th May 2018
Project featured:Ugg Summer
on 26th June 2018
Project featured:Kim Sielbeck joins JSR
on 28th June 2018
Project featured:Doctor Who teaser campaign by Henrik Knudsen
on 19th July 2018
Project featured:PUMA One social media campaign by Edmund Fraser
on 21st August 2018
Project featured:Dr Who by Henrik Knudsen
on 18th October 2018
Project featured:Electrolux Pure 9
on 27th November 2018
Project featured:Reserved Magazine by Olivia Beasley
on 29th November 2018
Project featured:Amex Shop Small
on 10th December 2018
Project featured:Aart-Jan Venema joins JSR
on 24th January 2019
Project featured:Annabel Staff joins JSR Agency
on 28th January 2019
Project featured:Chainsmokers Lyric Video 'Who Do You Love'
on 6th March 2019
Project featured:Kim Sielbeck - JoyLab x Target
on 1st April 2019
Project featured:Samuel Adams - 'Bohemian Pilsner'
on 6th June 2019
Project featured:House 99 by David Beckham
on 19th June 2019
Project featured:Mini Starburst Chew By Cream Electric Art
on 28th June 2019
Project featured:Muokkaa
on 13th September 2019
Project featured:Apple Store - Weird Physics by Neil Stevens
on 26th September 2019
Project featured:Carioca Studio creates 'carved' relief Stones Full of Life for Viastein Hungary
on 1st October 2019
Project featured:Richard E Grant by Stuart McClymont
on 1st January 2020
Project featured:Big Cats Project by PEROU
on 25th January 2020
Project featured:GQ Hype Cover By Yippiehey
on 12th March 2020
Project featured:MoneySuperMarket Campaign by Carioca Studio
on 7th August 2020
Project featured:Cadbury "Freddo Treasures: Space Series" by Carioa Studio
on 13th August 2020
Project featured:Kopparberg's new Cherry Spiced Rum packaging design by Iain Macarthur
on 22nd August 2020
Project featured:Costa Christmas Classics campaign by Cream Electric Art
on 19th March 2021
Project featured:David Morris Jewellery
on 29th September 2021
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