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I am a fashion designer for over 13 years now and I taught 4 years for one of the top 10 fashion schools in the world, ESMOD (Ecole Superior De La Mode).

I have worked through all garment products as well as many various market sectors from basic mass diffusion products, up to Haute Couture for wedding gowns. I have passed through all design sections creating mood boards, colour-ranges, product designs, unique details & finishings (with zooms and descriptions), collection plans, technical sheets (that include buttons, thread costs and quantities, suppliers, etc...) to following up with the pattern production and up to quality control. These are all the steps of a product starting from scratch on paper to being sold in a shop.

I'm a very friendly, approachable type of character. I do live in London and would be available for meetings as constantly as needed. I am someone that simply cannot accept to fail but has to make things succeed, sort of attitude.

I am an extremely creative character, out-of-the-box and I have portfolios to showcase. I do have some samples of work to show but the site only allows me to attach one file, so please do send me an email address for more of my work.

As a brief:

I did a 4-year Fashion Design degree in ESMOD, with one year of Pattern cutting which included pants, skirts, shirts, jackets and even coats. It is very important for a designer to understand how garments are made and to actually do them rather than have flying ideas in the air which are worth nothing if they cannot be realised.

At my graduation, I scored the highest and earned a scholarship from ESMOD that offered a deal of all expenses paid in Paris, in return of doing a teacher training to become a future ESMOD teacher.

That was completed and then I taught 4 years in an ESMOD Franchise.

I then worked 2 years as a fashion designer for various garment companies, and in some, the head designer! I also did checks on quality control, as part of my strength is a strong eye for details.

I read, speak and write 4 languages: English & Arabic (Bi-lingual- first language), French, Bahasa Indonesian/Malay.

During my teaching experience, I have done TREND SEMINARS. I would forecast the trend to come 6 months-1 year in advance. Company executives, designers would attend my seminar which was pretty pricey. References & contracts are available.

I also lived 5 years in Far-East Asia and do have experience and a lot of good contacts for producing high quality products with prices. I know knowledge, experience and contacts is money.

I do have reference letters from ESMOD to certify my accomplishments with the Trend Seminars and Esmod contracts (which could identify my pay rank) along with some magazine (Harpers Bazaar) & newspaper interviews.

I would personally love to be a part of this business and dedicate my entirety to make it a success.

Please feel free to contact me any time.

Kind Regards,


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