About me

To whom it may concern,

i am writing a brief introduction of whom i am and what skills set i have.

So who exactly am I

well I'm a recent graduate of photography (Bachelors Degree) and have been freelancing during my time in and out of studies. Whilst truly focusing on developing my skills as an artist and human being I felt that I have accomplished more by going back to university these last 3 years than I have ever through out my years in education. Going back to university not only showed my passion for learning, but also for photography. I strived to do well and work hard and when you're passionate about something, it is easier to accomplish these things. Because of this drive to do well I managed to get a First in my studies.

What did I exactly pick up over my years of studying and freelancing, and how are to skills relatable to this job role

Whilst being at university, I decided to take up the role of a dark room ambassador and studio ambassador which lead to me not only maintaining the space (Dark room, scanning room and print room) but also helping any other students within the space when needed. This could be from showing them how to simply take film out and put it onto a film reel. To mixing up a new batch of chemicals.Whilst the studio ambassador was a much more relaxed role as I just had to make sure all lights where safely put back and working at the end of the day (Bowen's lights). Now this was all voluntary work which I thought would benefit me through the experience I would get by learning these things but also I would have more access to these facilities especially the dark room as I'm very much into analogue photography and passionate about it.

I started picking up and offering my services as a freelance assistant and photographer to people and manage to get some assistant roles with people. Working predominantly with Profoto kits and Elinchrom kits. I tried to offer these services around my studies to gain as much knowledge as possible. By watching professionals and asking questions when reasonable, I've managed to pick up the basics of capture one software and knowledge around Hasselblad, PhaseOne and Canon ( I shoot a Hasselblad 501cm, and Canon 5d Mark 3)

What skills do I have that make me an ideal candidate

Having freelance assisted before I know what is expected of me, and I am confident enough to get on with my own devices to accomplish what is needed of me. And when I'm not too sure, I'm not afraid to ask for help. I feel I have strong communication skills which I feel is a must for this type of role, but also for the industry as it's all about cooperation between everyone to get the best results at the end of the day.

I'm also good at assessing situations and always try to methodically plan ahead in everything I do. This not only helps me problem solve but also helps anticipate what if situation that might happen and how to solve these things.

Closing remarks.

I feel if you give me the opportunity to join the team, I could bring much more to the table and my personality would sit well with everyone as it's always a positive to work alongside people that you can get along with. I'm sure if you give me the chance for an 1 to 1 interview / trial to asses my skills and myself it would help see who I am and what I'm about.

Many thanks,

Johnathon 'JJ' Femwick


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