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I am a VCD (Visual Communication Design) - Graphic Design graduate who is keen to find a junior position in a Design environment. I am an intelligent, creative, hard-working, enthusiastic and determined individual, willing to gain experience in the design field and learn from it. I can work on my own initiative, whilst also able to work productively and efficiently as part of a team. I welcome constructive criticism as this enhances my qualities as a designer and as a person. Willing to start from the bottom, and work my way up, I feel as well as gaining invaluable experience, adding to and further developing my design and personal skills, meeting and being in the presence of those whom share the same passion for design as I do, I can also give in return my creative input, my ideas and a part of what makes me, me when the situation requires me to do so.

I also consider myself to be highly motivated, organised, competent, honest, trustworthy and through many experiences, good and bad, I have become wiser. I am also a very friendly, considerate and helpful individual, willing to do all I can to help in all areas if I can, not just concerning design work.

I have a very high attention to detail and I aways aim for perfection in all that I do. This is evident in my design work, but also to more trivial things such as in my food preparation to gift-wrapping.

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