About me

I currently work as a Producer for a company that creates
digital content for the major retail brands.

My role involves attending briefing meetings and writing/adapting
briefs for the creative department . When briefing the creative team it
is essential I deliver the information accurately, and then manage the
process to ensure the project is delivered within budget and on
schedule. I enjoy rising to the challenges that different jobs present,
and am adept in finding solutions to the various problems a project
might throw at me!

It's imperative that I am highly organized, especially when I
have numerous jobs running simultaneously. Although I'm often
juggling many tasks at one time, I find that I'm always able to
see a clear path through the workload, and thrive under the pressure.

Having gained experienced in communicating with people on all levels, I
feel I am confident in handling both clients and colleagues alike, and
always conduct myself in a professional, but friendly manner. I think I
have a sunny, positive outlook and am generally a nice person to have

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