Making gut health digestible

Fed up with gut health being treated like a fad, The Gut Stuff have come on the scene to give us the facts.


Founded by identical DJs The Mac Twins, The Gut Stuff want us to get to know our insides inside-out (and have some fun doing it). To take their message to the masses though, they needed a brand as playful and no-nonsense as they are.

Creative Idea

As chief guinea pigs for the British Gut project, the twins had discovered that although their DNA is 100% the same, their guts only shared 40% of the same microbes. In short: everybody’s gut is unique and ever-evolving.

So The Gut Stuff’s identity had to be too. The balloon icon at the heart of the brand – a humanising and humorous representation of a gut – is different every time you see it, the kick-off for an identity full of quirky animation and quick-witted information.


D&AD Award - Yellow Pencil/White pencil


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