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As the Rio Olympic games played out across American television sets, our nation watched as human achievement was re-defined, and Team USA won our hearts and minds. Budweiser wanted to celebrate the dedication and resiliency by supporting seven athletes from the Olympic and Paralympic USA Teams.

jones knowles ritchie worked with Malika Favre to create a piece of art bold enough to be unmistakably Budweiser and heroic enough to honour our athletes. The seven athletes are super-human as they stand several stories high, looking out over the city. Each athlete is dressed and posed as if ready to take on the opposition, a testament to their strength, endurance and hard-working ethos.

From May to August 2016, the colossal athletes stood watch over Manhattan. The mural was visible for more than 1/2 miles and is one of the largest wallscapes in the world, soaring 225 feet into the air. It garnered more than 9million impressions.

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