About me

Hi! My name is Jess and I am a writer.

What sort of writer, Jess...

Well, a writer of words, mostly. Good words. Creative words. Serious words. Long words and short words.

How fascinating! Where do these words appear...

All over the place. Words I have written have been used for websites, promotional brochures, museum panels, technical reports, journal articles and press releases. I also write a blog that mostly rabbits on about my travel adventures, life living in foreign countries and what awesome food I ate that day.

But why are your words special, Jess...

Yes, most people can join words together but it takes a certain skill and a clever eye to create beautiful, seamless text that creates a positive reaction for the target audience. Plus I am a bit whacky, my accent is cool and I like having fun!

*Please note that I had to replace question marks with ellipses as the CreativePool site thought they were my phone number.


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Barry Epstein Photography, Christ Church Grammar School, Curtin University of Technology, Phones 4u, University of Western Australia

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