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Born in Guatemala and raised in the US, I am a native speaker of both English and Spanish. My background is in oil and gas, where I have a Master's degree in Geophysics focused on exploration and development of oil fields. I worked in the oil and gas sector for government entities, small operators, and service companies in both Guatemala and Mexico for 14 years, and have extensive knowledge of the terminology associated with the geoscience and petroleum engineering aspects of the upstream oil and gas sector.

I've always had a love of languages and literature, and creating a bridge between the English and Spanish speaking worlds i lived in was something I have always worked towards, which is why I started translating. My area of expertise is oil and gas, of course, where I help oil and gas professionals facilitate the flow of information in English or Spanish to their teams, clients, or peers by means of fast, reliable, and accurate translations of their technical and business documents. I've worked on drilling programs and reserves reports, geological/geophysical descriptions, reservoir characterization reports, proposals and presentations for several different kinds of projects for companies like Halliburton, Ryder Scott, and others, both in-house and as an external service provider. Through the use of my services, clients can save time and money as individuals and as organizations because I allow them to focus on their value propositions and core responsibilities while I provide them with the information that they need to fulfill their duties and commitments in the target language.

My main focus right now is literary translations, where I introduce readers to new worlds and new experiences in English or Spanish through creative literary translations that showcase the author's voice. The authors I work with reach a wider market, touching and improving more people's lives. I have 15 published translations so far, with more to come. The books I have translated range in topics from science fiction to romance to self-help and how-to. If you're a writer who'd like to reach a wider market of potential readers, I'd be more than happy to work towards that goal with you.

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