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I have been a creative, graphic designer and art director my entire life. As a child, I spent my waking hours reimagining TV commercials and magazine ads. I loved sitting at the dinner table and sketching improved versions of ads and logos; writing scripts for commercials in my head. I made up companies and created advertising for them. I had an endless childish imagination. I grew up and studied web and graphic design in college. I loved every second of it; unleashing my creativity. Unfortunately, life and circumstances got in the way, as they often do, and I was forced to leave my studies and work in customer service for a few years.

Two years ago, I found the chance of a lifetime. A renowned advertising and marketing program at a local school was having open entrance exams. I jumped at the opportunity - nothing was going to get in my way this time. I aced the test - three years of answering phones for a living couldn't stifle my creativity. I was admitted among a handful of Gothenburg's best and brightest art directors and copywriters in the making - my journey had begun. Diving head first back into school has been the most rewarding experience of my life. In addition to classroom learning, I was competing with my classmates to make ads judged by industry professionals, and becoming an expert in all things creative. I loved every second again, and my creative inner child was proud. I was more motivated to succeed than I had been in my life. The high skill levels of my classmates and competitive nature of the program certainly helped to fuel the fire. I even recruited a classmate and started a successful freelance advertising and design business on the weekends!

After my classroom education, I completed a 9-month internship at Plentymore, a top advertising agency in Gothenburg. It was an absolute thrill to take on the responsibility of real roles in advertising campaigns. I soaked the experience up like a sponge, perfecting my skills. I held roles in a variety of different projects with responsibilities ranging from web and graphic design to directing photoshoots and digital strategies.The experience was invaluable, and has served to solidify my conviction that this is my purpose, this is what I'm best at, and this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

PS. I've been told I bake cinnamon buns so good they could negotiate a peace treaty with North Korea. You will probably want to keep that in mind when flipping through applicants.


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