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I am a freelancer looking for an entry level job in the Western media industry. After graduating from

university I was offered a job as a TV presenter in Southern China. Here I discovered a passion for working

behind the camera and took the initiative to seek out as much producing work as possible. This lead to me

founding a theatre company and managing an improv group in my spare time. These endeavours were

financially and creatively successful and I too quickly rose to show-runner status at the production company I

worked for.

Although the pandemic meant I had to end my time in China, I am excited to transfer into a career in the

Western media industry. Since being back in the UK I have found creative opportunities. For example I

produce short educational videos for the local Marine Conversation Society and have been editing a geology

documentary about the local area of outstanding natural beauty. I also created a short stop-motion film for

the hotel /pub I worked for. The film won an award and got over 600 views on the hotel's social media -

despite the establishment only having 30 followers at the time.

I love working with creative people and I know my skills lie in supporting them. I am enthusiastic about the

work of others and am a great self-starter. If you'd like to view some of my work, you can find my portfolio

here: . Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


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