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I have immersed myself into learning and developing my knowledge of footwear styles
and techniques achieving my own style of design in illustration and cad skills
(especially 3d program-modeling & rendering). I'm also driven to manipulate and
develop handcrafted textile techniques.
I had experience with various global projects like Allsaints, Kickers, Choseph Cheney, etc. during her stay in England. She was included in the competitions shortlisted at the Cordwainers & Allsaints as well.
So far, I'm a designer for Je la connais company. 'Je la connais' means 'I know her' in french. It implies all about her behind the brand. The brand philosophy is creating designs based around boundaries between art & commercial.

The company mission is to grow the business by making sure customers never get bored of our products and establishing a long-term relationship with them.


3D Design, Illustration, Photoshop

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Footwear & Accessories

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