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Let's chat first, a simple meet and greet. Luvbug offers opportunity for many and opens it's wings to all who wish to fly.
That being said the few, the proud, the swarms of those who help us bring our customers a delightful journey.

We came to Creativepool as out Founder Dr J Squat reminisced that the name of the company sounded like Liverpool.

We would luv to acquire rock-star talents of a loving animator, maybe an aging rock-star a little old school, back to the glory days of animation remiss the wizardry of the modern pervasive 3D culture. Here is the current task at hand that we are taking bids on over the next 7 days:

9 Second Disney Style 2D Animations of these Insects

.Seven Spot Ladybug
.Fairy Fly
.Picasso Bug
.Stag Beetle.

Renditions should apply human emotions. The ladybug functionality here:

The Seven Spot Ladybug serves as the Logo for the company.
The Seven Spot Ladybug is .2-.3 inches and a rendition to scale that "buzzes" for notifications.
The Seven Spot Ladybug will be used to "select" an answer in a multiple choice test.
The Seven Spot Ladybug's 9 Seconds should show it's engineering truth. Fly to the top of 3 Empire States. Cruise in Hyper-Sonic at 3 Empire States.

The Fairy Fly 9 second's involves a rainbow of golden magic dust where she announces an option to sign up for her weekly Fairy Fly Buzz casts
(The fortune coming your way from your luv-number)

The Picasso Bug's 9 Seconds paints two Picasso Style heart symbols and colors that meet and beat together.

The next stuff we should probably discuss on a call.