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I have worked at a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency, Oban Multilingual, for the last four years on a freelance basis whilst I was a completing my doctoral studies at the University of Sussex. I have been their lead copywriter in this period, and have accumulated a vast of amount of experience in writing copy for clients across a diverse range of services and industries. These include companies and institutions such as Royal Holloway, University of Nottingham, MSN, Electrolux, Expedia, FitFlop, New York Pass, MIO UK and Reader's Digest.

I have experience producing both long and short copy across different formats including press releases, news bulletins, technology and culture articles, blog posts, Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, online page optimization, university brochures, and market scoping reports. In addition, I also utilise multiple platforms of digital social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to conduct SEO campaigns as a part of the wider client marketing strategy.

Furthermore I gained excellent research and writing skills during my doctoral studies in which I completed a thesis on the rise of the public relations and advertising industries in early 20th century America. This is where my original enthusiasm for writing copy emerged from, and I also gained knowledge of historical changes in styles and the importance of innovation through my research.

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