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We are Iris. A creative, strategy and innovation company that uses the power of participation to move your business forward.

We are ‘For the forward’. Our purpose is to excite progress for our clients, people and the wider world. This is the ethos that runs through our 14 offices around the globe.



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Adidas, Barclaycard, Barclays, Brita, Camelot, Haven Holidays, IHG, KFC, Philips, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Starbucks, Suzuki

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Top 10 Advertising Agency Project featured:'We've Got a Workout For That'
on 5th May 2016
Project featured:Go There
on 19th January 2017
Project featured:Valendine-in with Domino's
on 17th February 2017
Project featured:#MYNEOLABEL
on 28th February 2017
Project featured:It's My Thing
on 14th March 2017
on 23rd March 2017
Project featured:Everything You Need Is Inside
on 22nd May 2017
Project featured:THE NIGHT IS YOUNG
on 8th June 2017
Project featured:Glitch
on 3rd July 2017
Project featured:Fruit Shoot It's My Thing App
on 28th July 2017
Project featured:Sticky But Worth It
on 1st August 2017
Project featured:adidas Greater Every Run
on 11th September 2017
Project featured:Shell Everyday Experts
on 19th September 2017
Project featured:The Tango League
on 22nd September 2017
Project featured:The Domestics
on 28th September 2017
Project featured:Wickes Tradesman's Suncream
on 3rd October 2017
Project featured:A Breath of Fresh Air
on 8th January 2018
Project featured:Sticky But Worth It GBBO Idents
on 9th January 2018
Project featured:Marrakesh ePrix
on 28th February 2018
Project featured:Watch Me Create
on 5th March 2018
Project featured:This Is The Jacket
on 26th March 2018
Project featured:Royal Bucket
on 29th May 2018
Project featured:Here To Create - The 2018 FIFA World Cup
on 26th June 2018
Project featured:Create Respect
on 11th July 2018
Project featured:Now That's Delivering
on 7th January 2019
Project featured:A Moon for All Mankind
on 20th February 2019
Project featured:Adidas Glitch - Product Retouching
on 29th March 2019
Project featured:No Fakers. Creators Only.
on 9th April 2019
Project featured:Deal Jacker
on 16th April 2019
Project featured:Barclay's FA Women's Super League
on 3rd May 2019
Project featured:Attack Mode
on 26th June 2019
Project featured:This Is Home
on 12th July 2019
Project featured:The Deal
on 29th August 2019
Project featured:"Messi - Crystal" - Sound by Culum
on 18th December 2019
Project featured:The Beach Boy
on 9th January 2020
Project featured:Reimagine Sport
on 19th January 2020
Project featured:#WhatsYourName
on 4th February 2020
Project featured:Stay Home Heroes
on 6th May 2020
Project featured:Thank You Care Takers
on 19th May 2020
Project featured:#LetMeTalk
on 21st May 2020
Project featured:Helping Hands
on 18th June 2020
Project featured:Protecting The Nation’s Hands
on 24th September 2020
Project featured:This is family
on 25th September 2020
Project featured:Not A School
on 29th September 2020
Project featured:Launching a new phase of growth for Women In Football
on 21st October 2020
Project featured:The 55 Days of Christmas Pizza
on 10th November 2020
Project featured:Beautiful Pitch Props
on 16th November 2020
Project featured:"Christmas" - Sound By Tom Pugh
on 19th November 2020
Project featured:Car-mate
on 18th January 2021
Project featured:Get Your Green On
on 10th April 2021
Project featured:Again, but this time
on 19th April 2021
on 7th June 2021
Project featured:Samsung Presents 'The Domestics'
on 23rd June 2021
Project featured:Barclaycard: "Share The Stage"
on 12th July 2021
Project featured:Barclaycard Share the Stage
on 13th August 2021
Project featured:Barclays '20 Years of Football'
on 19th August 2021
Project featured:Vertical Gig
on 9th September 2021
Project featured:AKG Samsung Headphones Launch
on 15th September 2021
Project featured:The Power Of Investment
on 19th November 2021
Project featured:Nicolas Jack Davies | Starbucks 'Every Table Has A Story' | Iris
on 9th September 2022
Project featured:Alcon Total 30
on 31st October 2022
Project featured:No More Red
on 31st October 2022
Project featured:Good Different
on 18th April 2023
Project featured:Personal Photography 1 - Portraits
on 24th April 2023
Project featured:Bentley X The Surgeon
on 9th July 2023
Project featured:Original Source Brand Look
on 20th November 2023
Project featured:Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Folding Billboard
on 14th December 2023
Project featured:Various Adidas Campaigns
on 5th April 2024
Project featured:Bentley X The Surgeon
on 16th April 2024
Project featured:Samsung Flip Park
on 30th April 2024
Project featured:Pizza Hut Roblox
on 24th May 2024

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