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Inbrax is a full service creative agency with a strong scope on digital solutions, located in Santiago, Chile.
Inbrax is one of the hottest agencies in the country and its works had been recognized locally and globally.

Inbrax works for global brands such as: Cummins, Gift Card Cencosud, Jeep, BYD, Fiat, Mopar, RAM, Dodge, Mondeléz, Komatsu, Metro de Santiago among many others local brands, since its foundation.
In terms of the company culture, Inbrax is led by the marriage composed of Carolina Pinheiro, CEO; and Pancho González, CCO. Carolina is a lawyer with several Masters in Marketing and Law; and Pancho is an advertising man with and MBA at the Berlin School. Next to these partners there is a board that leads the agency on a flat culture, composed by 8 directors that represent diversity and stakeholder’s interests.
Since it foundation Inbrax has been recognized and awarded at LIA, One Show, Effie Awards, New York Festivals, FIAP, Grand Prix FICE, Epica, Cristal Festival, Creativity, Cresta Awards, Graphis, AdStar, Grand Prix WINA Festival, Achap, Archive, The Indie Awards, Creativepool, FICE, Fepi, Summit International Awards, A'Design Awards, Never Zapping Festival, Premios Eikon, Caracol de Plata, Mags, Premios Queveo and Caples Awards.

Inbrax's purpose is to make a better (creative) society.
Currently Inbrax is the top 1 indie agency at TopFICE ranking 2022.


Digital Marketing

Sector Experience

Accounting & Finance, Automotive, Retail


A'Design Awards, Adstars, Creativepool Annual Gold, Creativepool Creative Influencer of the Year, Cresta International Advertising Award, cristal festival, EFFIE Awards, EPICA Awards, Fepi, FIAP, FICE, graphis, new york festivals, Summit International Creative Award, The Caples, The Indie Summit Awards


Citroen, Cummins, Komatsu, METRO DE SANTIAGO, Minerva Foods, Miniso, Monster Energy, Natura, Sodexo, SQM

Trade Associations

Achap, AMDD, Internet Advertising Bureau IAB

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on 11th June 2024

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