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Eddy is an avid Cloudinary CDN user to online deliver assets (optimized images and videos). He became fascinated with Cloudinary url manipulation and developed a time-saving online Cloudinary productivity tool.

Cloudinary url manipulation means spending weeks learning a lot of new code from boring documentation. Complex designs in Cloudinary can take hours. Even experts are required to know and remember image layer-names, font-names, color-codes, xyz-positions, opacity-levels (from a design made elsewhere).

Eddy had difficulty using the build-in Cloudinary editor and used Notepad++ instead. Three weeks later he (pains-taking) made his first template-design with amazing Search Engine Ranking (SERP) results (attached). Images ranked like crazy (keywords in the url) but designs took to long to create. He considered that his url coding experience would soon fade away. VA's also must go through the same learning-curve as he did.

Due to frustration Eddy came up with an idea for a WYSIWYG Cloudinary url software solution. He designed a mockup explaining his ideas and discussed it with his friend and senior coder in India who converted his UI mockup into a WYSIWYG Cloudinary emulator so he could create complex designs (stored in CL) and use (or re-use) images in minutes (reverse engineering incl.).

His small Indian software development team now developed a drag&drop point&click Cloudinary custom url emulator (and social sharing tool). It is unbelievable how fast & easy it becomes (for anyone) to make, save (in Cloudinary) and share complex designs (very long url's) within several minutes.

The imgCanvas app has great commercial potential (design & hosting in one). The app can be used by dummies thus significantly improve the user experience with functionalities similar to canva or youzign.

imgCanvas is being integrated into ACCESSINTO enabling (role-based) multi-user approval for controlled branding & timer-based syndication; perfect for professional content creators & managers.

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