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Hi! My name is Imane Bekraoui and I am a creative director based in Milton Keynes.
I was born in Italy but originally Moroccan, I lived in the city of Turin until the age of 19.
After completing my diploma in Human Sciences, I've then decided to pursue my career in Advertising, Marketing and PR in the UK.

My Moroccan background defines my photography and the perception of my surrounding.
Going to Morocco every year in the summer, since I was 1 year old, gave me the opportunity to keep alive my connection with my roots and my family.
That's how I've always been passionate about traveling around the world and the beauty of different cultures.
Cultures, languages and different ways of living shouldn't be a barrier between us, but a bridge to hold each other hands and learn.

My passion for photography has always been there since the day my dad bought for my 12th birthday an old digital Nikon Camera, which I was really excited about.
I love communicating without having the necessary to speak and what best way if not to capture it and share it with you

Creativity is a valuable skill that is unique to each of us and hard to imitate.
It keeps us constantly in movement, constantly experiencing new emotions in line with the constant evolution of ourselves.
Like the fire that burns, it's never the same.
Each pathway in our lives makes us different and that's the beauty of this world.


Advertising, Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Campaign Planning, Colour, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Photo Editing, Photo-Journalism, Photography, PR, Video-Journalism

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