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Top 10 Illustration Agency Project featured:William Gillespie by Miriam Martincic
on 11th June 2021
Project featured:Mary Haasdyk for Canadian Geographic
on 25th June 2021
Project featured:Michael Tonn for Seven Days Newspaper
on 5th July 2021
Project featured:Surrealist Dinner Party - Virginia Mori
on 14th July 2021
Project featured:Tour de France - Michael Meister
on 19th July 2021
Project featured:Technopolis - Oleg Buyevsky
on 5th August 2021
Project featured:Following The Dream - Dima Kashtalyan
on 6th August 2021
Project featured:Happy Holidays - Miriam Martincic
on 9th August 2021
Project featured:Oleg Buyevsky for SberZvuk
on 20th August 2021
Project featured:Judgement Day - Adam Niklewicz
on 23rd August 2021
Project featured:The Interview With Conscience - Dima Kashtalyan
on 31st August 2021
Project featured:Mr. Campion and Others - Darya Shnykina,
on 8th September 2021
Project featured:Book Cover - Lorenzo Conti
on 9th September 2021
Project featured:Phones & Daily Life - Dima Kashtalyan
on 15th September 2021
Project featured:Theatre is Alive - Virginia Mori
on 21st September 2021
Project featured:Oleg Buyevsky for Jacobin DE
on 29th September 2021
Project featured:Man or Animal? By Oleg Buyevsky
on 5th October 2021
Project featured:Toward 2030 with Dima Kashtalyan
on 13th October 2021
Project featured:Syria's Lost Generation - Matt Rota
on 1st November 2021
Project featured:Galina Vishnevskaya by Darya Shnykina
on 10th November 2021
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