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IllustrationZone is a boutique illustration agency representing a small group of illustrators from around the world, handpicked for their unique talent, originality and international experience.

Our artists have been recognized by Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators, Luerzer's Archive, Publication Design annuals, Print magazine and other organizations.



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Advertising, editorial, Publishing


3x3, ADAI, American Illustration, applied arts, Folio Books Competition, graphis, Society of Illustrators, Society of publication designers, SoLa, Spectrum Fantastic Art


AFAR media, BBDO Worldwide, Benchmark Education, Cosmopolitan, Folio, Google, Hallmark, Harper's, Kiplinger, M-Health, Mondadori, Penguin Publishing, Penguin Random House, Politico, ProPublica, Rizzoli, Scala Publishers, Schurman Design, Seagate, Telecom, The Boston Globe, The NYC Times, The Telegraph, The Times, The Times UK, Time Out NYC, Travel & Leisure, Vogue Magazine, Washington Post, Wired

From 2 Client Reviews
Top 10 Illustration Agency Project featured:William Gillespie by Miriam Martincic
on 11th June 2021
Project featured:Mary Haasdyk for Canadian Geographic
on 25th June 2021
Project featured:Michael Tonn for Seven Days Newspaper
on 5th July 2021
Project featured:Surrealist Dinner Party - Virginia Mori
on 14th July 2021
Project featured:Tour de France - Michael Meister
on 19th July 2021
Project featured:Technopolis - Oleg Buyevsky
on 5th August 2021
Project featured:Following The Dream - Dima Kashtalyan
on 6th August 2021
Project featured:Happy Holidays - Miriam Martincic
on 9th August 2021
Project featured:Oleg Buyevsky for SberZvuk
on 20th August 2021
Project featured:Judgement Day - Adam Niklewicz
on 23rd August 2021
Project featured:The Interview With Conscience - Dima Kashtalyan
on 31st August 2021
Project featured:Mr. Campion and Others - Darya Shnykina,
on 8th September 2021
Project featured:Book Cover - Lorenzo Conti
on 9th September 2021
Project featured:Phones & Daily Life - Dima Kashtalyan
on 15th September 2021
Project featured:Theatre is Alive - Virginia Mori
on 21st September 2021
Project featured:Oleg Buyevsky for Jacobin DE
on 29th September 2021
Project featured:Man or Animal? By Oleg Buyevsky
on 5th October 2021
Project featured:Toward 2030 with Dima Kashtalyan
on 13th October 2021
Project featured:Syria's Lost Generation - Matt Rota
on 1st November 2021
Project featured:Galina Vishnevskaya by Darya Shnykina
on 10th November 2021
Project featured:Parade's End - James Albon
on 6th January 2022
Project featured:Rapunzel, Glenda Sburelin
on 8th March 2022
Project featured:Date After The War, Dima Kashtalyan
on 10th May 2022
Project featured:Virginia Mori for Film TV
on 8th July 2022
Project featured:The Illusion of balance in Russian interior. By Dzmitryi Kashtalyan
on 25th August 2022
Project featured:Danlin Zhang: The Mask of the Red Death
on 4th November 2022
Project featured:The Masked Marvel, Martin French
on 3rd December 2022
Project featured:Symphony, James Albon
on 13th December 2022
Project featured:Selected work: SOI 65 - Matt Rota
on 24th December 2022
Project featured:TapHouse Winter Banner - Shane Cluskey
on 17th January 2023
Project featured:Shane Cluskey for Politico
on 25th January 2023
Project featured:Shane Cluskey - Selected work SOI 65
on 1st February 2023
Project featured:Chère Patagonie, a book by Jorge González
on 4th March 2023
Project featured:Jay Vollmar for Arts & Style - The Washington Post
on 10th March 2023
Project featured:Lorenzo Conti - cover for THE SASQUATCH OF HAWTHORNE ELEMENTARY
on 18th May 2023
Project featured:Melcher Oosterman - Rotterdam
on 3rd July 2023
Project featured:Michael Waraksa for Politico
on 17th July 2023
Project featured:Darya Shnykina for Canadian Cycling Mag. - Cycling and Fitness Gadgets
on 29th July 2023
Project featured:Shane Cluskey for the NY Times
on 6th August 2023
Project featured:Shane Cluskey for Virginia Living
on 13th November 2023
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