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ME: A passionate experienced classically-trained music composer with a novice spirit, who understands that music, although quite powerful, is but one of many players in the director's "orchestra", whose nuanced "composition" is best experienced as the sum of all its parts.

What makes music for film so interesting to listen to is that it is there to serve, support and give context to the film's larger story. This compels the music to take certain unexpected emotional turns that are germane only to the film, thereby transcending traditional song structure.

Themes develop along the film's timeline that wax and wane, much like words in a story.

The evolved composer understands that scoring film is more about telling stories rather than writing music.

If you are a director who has a story to tell, let's talk and, together, we can find the right emotional narrative to support your film.


Electronic and Orchestral Arrangement, Music composition, Sound Design


Boy Wonder Productions, HBO (US/NY), MTV US, Nordisk Films, VH1

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