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Ida Hay [idə haj] is an illustrator and visual designer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Ida started drawing as soon as she was old enough to hold a pen. She has always been colour sensitive, already as a young child her family noticed her special relationship to colours and later on it has been suggested that she probably is a tetrachromat. Simply put, this means to possess an extra channel for perceiving colour in your eye (four channels instead of the normal three).

Ida Hay is a creator and an artist that is driven by the need to constantly be in flow, creating in a plethora of mediums. Throughout her life she has indulged in everything from bookbinding, embroidery and printmaking to witchcraft, playing the musical saw and burlesque dancing.

One of her constant sources of inspiration is the Art Nouveau era, specifically the works of Alphonsé Mucha—this can be seen throughout many of Ida's pieces and projects. She also finds inspiration in modern pop culture like Harry Potter, Adventure Time, RuPaul's Drag Race and the films of Guillermo del Toro and Wes Anderson.

Besides all things art and design, Ida's passions are vintage fashion and makeup, her tarot deck collection, going on adventures with her fiancé, their Hungarian Vizsla and the home-on-wheels Nøkk, a 1976 Toyota Chinook.

Ida is Swedish/Norwegian. She is the first of her family to be born and raised in Sweden, while she still spends most of her summers in Norway. Her favourite place in the whole world is the family-owned fjord in the most northern part of the country.


Apple OS, Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Character Design, Colour, colour theory, concept development, Crafts, Creative Direction, Digital Art, Editorial Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, hand lettering, Illustration, illustrator, InDesign, iPhone / iPad, Packaging Design, Painting, Pattern Design, Photoshop, Pre-Press, Print Design, Procreate, Typography, UX/UI, Visual Layout


Five (5) President's Honor Roll (LaSalle College Intl Vancouver), Outstanding Achievement Award (LaSalle College Intl Vancouver), Scholarship (Lauren Hom’s Passion To Paid online class)


Big Papa Brewery, City of Kamloops, Felix Skalberg Productions, Kawaii.se, LaSalle College Intl Vancouver, Snowy Dunes, Sticks and Stones Theatre, Studio Skoj, Vilda Bomben Film AB, WAVAW, Were Getting out

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