About me

A highly educated and experienced digital marketing professional and undergraduate student in marketing. Currently employed as a freelance consultant in E-commerce and SEO marketing. I am seeking to apply well developed organizational and strategic skills within the private sector.

I have specific skills in the use of Google Analytics, MOZ Analytics, Shopify, Content Creation, WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photography, Avid Media Composer and social media analytical software.

Key Skills:


- Advise on strategic and tactical requirements for digital acquisition, conversion and retention provided to optimise Primavera's performance regarding SEO, email marketing and social media.


- My digital improvements lead to a 20% increase in followers across social channels and a 30% increase in web site traffic at Burwell Museum. Implementation of digital beacon technology created higher interactivity and I optimised the websites SEO through HTML maintenance.

- Optimisation of the Primavera Ltd website through varying content mediums by implementing video. SEO recommendations and implementation currently in progress to bring the site in line with Googles E.A.T. standards to improve SERP results. Hashtag strategy incorporated to increase social reach by 400% and a cross/upsell app installed on the site to decrease bounce rate (just implemented, awaiting results.)

Staff management

- I effectively managed a team of ten at "Stowlangtoft Hall" to ensure an efficient and high-quality service. This required appropriate delegation and an overview of daily tasks to achieve quality targets.

Budget management

- I ensured all stock at Stowlangtoft Hall ordered was in line with budgetary requirements, while minimising wastage to help optimise ROI. Improved stock management led to a 2% reduction in costs.


- Time management and academic organization is required on an ongoing basis to effectively balance my undergraduate studies alongside my current employment in combination with CPD after my IDM qualification. I enjoy keeping busy and moving forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your specific requirements.

All the best,

Ian Rickard


adobe creative cloud, avid media composer, content creation, google analytics, MOZ Analytics, Photo Editing, Photography, Photoshop, SEO, shopify, Social Media, wordpress

Sector Experience

Fine Art, Painting & Sculpture, Hotels & Resorts, Museums


Burwell Museum, Primavera Gallery, University Arms

Trade Associations

Institute of Direct Marketing IDM

Freelance, Remote
Skill Level
English - Native
Creativepool member since 7 January 2019