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Huawei is dedicated to innovating around the needs of our customers, continuously pushing the boundaries of ICT. We develop networks, solutions, and devices, serving one third of the world’s population in over 140 countries. We are connecting systems, businesses, cities, societies and people around the globe; improving efficiencies, transforming industries and ultimately creating better experiences for everyone.

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Best Brand to Work For 2017 Shortlist
Project featured:Gloval device launch - CTS
on 12th February 2016
Project featured:Huawei P8 - Smartphone of the year 2016
on 26th July 2016
Project featured:Model Monster 2017
on 13th March 2017
Project featured:Huawei #HandsOn Mini Series
on 25th May 2017
Project featured:HUAWEI Handible Quickcharger - Breakfast
on 26th July 2017
Project featured:HUAWEI Porshe Design
on 31st October 2017
Project featured:One Tap
on 21st July 2020
Project featured:StorySign
on 8th September 2020
Project featured:Choose your room
on 20th May 2021
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