About me

Born with a vinyl in his hand Harry Knoxx has a skill set like no other his taste in all genres of music shows through out his mixing

At the age 21 Harry Knoxx is one of the young pioneering DJs to step foot onto a stage loving every moment his Dj roots go back to the early ages of 7 when he was introduced to the sound of music.

At the age of 13 Harry started to getting deeper into the sounds as well as playing the music Harry spent a lot of time in a studio "pressing buttons"

At the early age of 16 Harry Knoxx began Djing in local bars he stayed in his local area for over a year he then took the next step Djing into different venues up and down the Uk.

Know Harry Knoxx is Djing all over the world in some off the biggest Venues the world has to offer

Freelance, Part time
Skill Level
Junior, Middleweight, Senior, Director
Creativepool member since 20 April 2012