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The best way to describe me is "personal artist". I am not fond of words and that is where my art comes in. I fall into the category of digital illustration, which for me is intriguing because I get to convey my past and present onto a screen that many people would view and probably relate to. My illustrations save me from myself, and from the rest of the world. I illustrate in a way that later makes me question myself about my concept behind the art, feeling proud, I always want to do more.

I illustrate for a breath of fresh air from a terrible day or a beautiful one for that matter, not to be self-centered, but I mostly illustrate for myself, to make myself feel better and hoping through the process, someone is able to see the mind behind the art.

-I illustrate plants and imperfection. Plants are what makes nature and the environment and what we eat, plants secure us from harm, however, people don't see that, therefore I try making them as important as anything else. Imperfection played a huge factor in my past, but I always illustrate imperfection in a way that doesn't make it obvious, I don't like sad art.

Either than everything mentioned above I'm just a short, humble, weird black girl.


Advertising, Brand / Logo Design, Branding, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Packaging Design, Painting, Photography

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