About me

I was working as graphical drawer and designer for few of CD's covers and food

products using Photoshop me & CorelDraw v9 during my study in the institute .

Mandatory military service Medical Services - Medic .

Next they asked me to convert some of my designs to be a websites ... so i do that

perfectly ,slice it , theme it and convert it to HTML and CSS le ,so i learned to deal

with apps themes and create many Interactive Flash User Interface and learn how to

script it by using Action Script 3 functions.

During that i was teaching EWB Electronic workbench for drawing the electrical circles on pc and

test it in simulation software in the government schools

succeed producing many of children's games. i add animation to it, do simple

animations for kids then I have a huge amount of trading production for kids from 10

to 15 years old for School curriculum ,and i was the team leader .

Beside that i was own a small store for selling programs and computer maintenance

Next haved a new job including training on Adobe After Eects to producing a 3D

move "SALAH AL-DEEN Al-Aiobi" .. was haved a good knowledge with Ulead Video

programs, it gave me good basics and ether knowledge with the sound editing and

mixing programs like Sound Forge and Cool Edit because it's my hobby ,so that gave

me a powerful skill to work in 3D composting and adding eects by Adobe After


I improve myself in audio video editing and i love to work with eects .

İn this war in syria i was have to leav and come to turkya.. i worked in perfume

factory to produce every models or in printing section like theme, stationary,

perfume Packaging , covers , marketing videos or advertisements .

then i left that work becous the salary was bad xt i worked in relief societies with

all printing section and social media designs and marketing .

nally a temporary employment contract with Business group for programing HR

ERB , WMS & POS solutions .

hope to be a leader of a team work to have my new vision of media

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