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We’re an eclectic bunch but a very cohesive team of highly experienced sales, marketing and finance professionals, all with a strong understanding of the marketing and tech sectors. We have the credibility and gravitas to represent your business to the most senior people at the UK’s largest businesses.

Basically, we know what it takes to cut through the noise, how to build relationships and credibility both through what we say and how we say it, and ultimately how to uncover the opportunities that drive our clients’ growth.

There are three key skill sets that underpin our approach to business development, namely sales experience, marketing knowledge and strong account management. With sales experience comes the ability to build meaningful relationships, to develop a strong pipeline and to close opportunities.

Detailed knowledge of the marketing landscape ensures that we ‘get’ our clients, we understand the challenges faced by their prospects and we can ask the right questions of them. This is all premised upon maintaining a close relationship with our clients, guiding them through our process, managing expectations and keeping them abreast of all opportunities.

Almost as important are our values. We’re open and honest with our clients about results and not afraid to put our point of view across. We’re collaborative, constantly sharing insights and information that we think are relevant. We need to be seen as a seamless extension of your team and this can only be achieved through true partnership.

We’re commercial, always qualifying opportunities to make sure they meet our clients’ needs. We’re flexible, and if one approach isn’t working as well as we need it to, we’ll analyse why and be prepared to change tack. Ultimately, we’re fun to work with; our job is hard but deeply rewarding and we always maintain a sense of humour.


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