About us

Gravity Road is a creative company that believes in Time Well Spent.

We exist to create things that people want to spend time with - ideas that audiences will love and be entertained by.

And as part of the worlds first BrandTech group we use the latest technology and tools to give this time greater creative and commercial impact.

We make marketing more efficient and effective.

These are fast times and we’re a young company full of great people, doing their best work.

Everyone’s time at Gravity Road should be Time Well Spent. And what that looks and feels like is different for each of us depending on our role, responsibilities and life outside of work. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach when it comes to how we work.


Foot Locker, Netflix UK, Sainsbury, Three, TikTok, Uber, Unilever

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Annual 2020 SilverSignsburys - The world's first deaf-friendly supermarketExperiential Annual 2018 GoldGet RealAdvertising: Print Annual 2018 GoldIndependent Agency of the Year Annual 2018 People's ChoiceGet RealAdvertising: Print Annual 2018 People's ChoiceNext Stop Good MorningsEffectiveness Annual 2017 Winner#RaiseItAdvertising: Digital Independent Agency of the Year 2017 Annual 2020 Shortlist#GramInvadersSocial Annual 2020 Shortlist#GramInvadersDigital Annual 2018 ShortlistStreaming ConsciousnessAdvertising: Film Annual 2018 ShortlistYour Halloween NightmareBranded Content Annual 2018 ShortlistGame OnBranded Content Annual 2017 Shortlistthe museum that never closesAdvertising: Digital Annual 2017 ShortlistIndoor Blackspots SuckAdvertising: Digital Annual 2017 ShortlistIndoor Blackspots SuckEffectiveness
Project featured:Next Stop Good Mornings
on 1st February 2018
Project featured:Your Halloween Nightmare
on 8th February 2018
Project featured:Corner Shop
on 25th June 2019
Project featured:The Switch
on 28th August 2019
Project featured:5G is in the house
on 4th October 2019
Project featured:#Sainsbey
on 11th February 2020
Project featured:Signsburys - The world's first deaf-friendly supermarket
on 4th August 2020
Project featured:Signsburys - The world's first deaf-friendly supermarket
on 4th August 2020
Project featured:Vegan Kwassont
on 12th August 2020
Project featured:#GramInvaders
on 1st September 2020
Project featured:‘LEGO® Cards by Sainsbury’s’ AR Filter
on 15th October 2020
Project featured:We like to keep things simple
on 17th October 2020

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