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Grammatik Agency is a leading PR and marketing team for companies operating in the technology space.
We’re a UK-based agency with global reach - clients we have worked with include Epic Games, Jellyfish Pictures, DI4D, Pixotope, Goodbye Kansas, Autodesk, Flipbook Studio, Cubic Motion, Hyve Managed Hosting, Portfoliobox, Movidiam, Cinesite, Expereo and a host of others.
We add value on both a retained and project basis for leading technology companies operating in the creative industries, or agencies and studios within the advertising, design, digital, production and gaming worlds. They range from start-ups to global multinationals and everything in-between.

We focus on the media and entertainment, design, visual effects and high-end technology markets. Bridging the gap between the most technical and creative industries in the world, Grammatik helps clients to brand, market and position their products and work.


Digital Marketing

Sector Experience

Advertising, Audio / Visual, CGI / 3D


Amazon Web Services, AMD, Animatrik, Autodesk, Axis Animation, Cinesite, Cospective, Cubic Motion, Expereo, Faceware Tech, Flipbook Studio, Goodbye Kansas, Google Cloud Platform, Image Engine, Maxon, movidiam, pixit media, Portfoliobox, Saddington Baynes, SyncSketch, xsens

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Top 10 Marketing Agency Project featured:RISE Oculus Rift DK2 Tech Demo in 4K
on 11th June 2015
Project featured:Arranging a cocktail reception for Google
on 7th August 2020
Project featured:Creating a haunting cinematic journey for Dawn of War III
on 12th August 2020
Project featured:Getting Passion-ate about renders with Deadline 10
on 18th August 2020
Project featured:Shooting for the stars with DISPEL short film
on 2nd September 2020
Project featured:‘Liftoff’ for Star Wars: Origins – Short Film PR
on 14th September 2020
Project featured:Thought leader campaign for Flipbook Studio
on 16th September 2020
Project featured:Movidiam #PowerYourBreakthrough Campaign
on 28th September 2020
Project featured:Xsens #HomeCap Campaign
on 15th October 2020
Project featured:Mind-blowing PR campaign for O.I. Short Film
on 2nd February 2021
Project featured:Autodesk’s ‘The Art of the Impossible’ Podcast Series
on 4th March 2022

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