About me

My name is Germaá Oliveira, I am a marketing and creative

professional with wide international experience in advertising and

media. I started my career in the creative industry, as Art Director at

an advertising agency in Brazil. After a years (and some agencies),

I decided to accept a challenge and move to London. There, I worked as

Creative Director and Project Manager at JungleGroup and Art Director

at JungleDrums Magazine. After that, I moved to Portugal, to work with marketing at TV Record International, a broadcasting company with operations in Europe, Africa, Asia and also Brazil.

I have experience in marketing, developing and managing communications projects

in all phases, such as advertising, branding (building and brand

development / positioning and launch), publishing, web marketing, etc.

Currently I work as Creative Director in Brazil.

8th ranked Marketing Manager
On the web
Perm, Freelance
Skill Level
Junior, Middleweight, Senior, Director
portuguese, english and spanish
Creativepool member since 30 June 2006