Florence Evans Senior Strategist


Based on the insight that 94% of smartphone users engage with their devices vertically, while 79% find vertical videos the most interesting, we teamed up with Samsung to push the limits of content sharing. 

In celebration of the official launch of Samsung KX - London's new destination for everything culture and innovation - we created the world's first vertical stage gig. 

Aligning with Samsung's brand promise 'Do what you can't', the vertical gig was performed by pop and R&B star Mabel who, with the support of her band, DJ and dancers, took to the stacked three-story stage, towering over nine meters high - providing the audience with the perfect 9:16 shot. 

The stage allowed all elements of the gig to be seen and heard in a vertical symphony. Whilst meeting the constant desire to share instantly across social - stimulating debate around live music staging conventions and Gen Z. 

Following the launch, Samsung KX will offer guests a more multi-sensory experience and inspire people to push their limits, discover and learn, via Samsung technology.


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Project featured: on 9th September 2021

Vertical Gig