Estevao Chromiec Illustrator


“Unbreakable” is a CG film we created with agency AREA 23 for biopharmaceutical company Insmed. The 2 ½+ minute piece aims to bring awareness about Nontuberculous Mycobacterial (NTM) lung disease, a condition which can be difficult to identify due to its similar symptoms with other lung conditions. The film was crafted to create a sense of urgency for doctors and specialists to recognize and diagnose NTM and to direct healthcare providers and patients to a dedicated site for more info.

“Unbreakable” is a visual metaphor of the NTM experience. Based on actual NTM patient experiences, the film opens on Barbara the Bunny, a plush toy fabricated in a magical factory. When she comes alive, she realizes something is not quite right as she begins to cough, splitting a piece of her fabric in the process. Barbara is expelled from the factory by “Quality Control” and from there, we follow in her journey across the city desperately seeking a specialist for her situation. To her relief, a sweet toy repair shop owner knows just exactly what to do.


  • InsmedClient
  • Alanne AndradeRigging
  • Alejandro EcheverrySimulation
  • Alex FerreiraMonteiro Animation
  • Andrea DelfinoMonteiro Animation
  • AREA 23Ad Agency
  • Audrey BenjaminsenCharacter Explorations
  • Bruna BerfordMonteiro Animation
  • Bruno CelegaoAnimation Lead
  • Camilo FrancoLook Development
  • Carolina AvelinoModeling
  • Chinkara SinghVP, Group Executive Producer
  • Chris BernesbySVP, Group Creative Director
  • Christian WecklAnimation
  • Corinne FeightAssociate Creative Director
  • Daniel OliveiraAnimation
  • Gean CarlosModeling
  • Glauber BeloRigging
  • Guto TerniCreative Director
  • Hannry PscheraMonteiro Animation
  • Hasan TawfiqGrooming
  • Heber Conde3D Lead
  • Helen HathiramaniSenior Broadcast Business Manager
  • Jack O’ShaughnessyVP, Account Director
  • Jennifer HarrisonVP, Associate Creative Director
  • Jesiel AlmeidaMonteiro Animation
  • Joe CapanearSVP, Group Creative Director
  • Jonathan EdwardMonteiro Animation
  • Jorge ZagattoMonteiro Animation
  • Kevin MullucksSenior Integrated Producer
  • Leonardo FelixMonteiro Animation
  • Leonidas MacielMonteiro Animation
  • Lincoln HoritaModeling
  • Lucas CamargoCreative Director
  • Marcio NicolosiMonteiro Animation
  • Marcus LansdellExecutive Producer
  • Martha SimpsonVP, Management Director
  • Mateus KurzhalsLook Development
  • Matheus CaetanoMonteiro Animation
  • Murilo BarbelliRigging
  • Rafael ChiesLook Development
  • Renato BrazLook Development
  • Rodrigo DutraMonteiro Animation
  • Ronnie CaltabianoVP, Associate Creative Director
  • Rouhollah ToghyaniGrooming
  • Sasha MishkinSenior Copywriter
  • Saul AlmeidaRigging
  • Steferson RochaModeling
  • Tim HawkeyEVP, Chief Creative Officer
  • Vanderlei SantanaHead of Production
  • Victor El GuyCharacter Explorations
  • Vinicius CostaCreative Director
  • * Bruno SantosAnimation
  • * Roof Studio
  • * Geison AraujoModeling
  • * Gustavo RangelLook Development Lead
  • * Danilo PinheiroRigging
  • * Emerson ManfrinMonteiro Animation
  • * Francisco CatãoMonteiro Animation
  • * Beto FernandesModeling
  • * Josemar QueirozLook Development
  • * Rosenio SilvaPipeline
  • * Kristen BellAssociate Creative Director
  • * Paul HarringtonVP, Creative Director
  • * Estevao ChromiecStory Board
Project featured: on 6th October 2021



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