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I am initially trained as teacher, however I quickly fell out of love with this career path during my training, but continued with my degree, determined to progress to a Masters level degree in English - which I am now currently studying towards. English is an ongoing passion since GCSE - I've always been creative in both art and writing; I'm taking creative writing module in particular and I've kept art as a hobby since A levels. While continuing this, I had the intention of looking for a new career path along the way. Copywriting seemed ideal, being heavily creative and English Language based, and in a way links with my previous teacher training, for instance: you have to keep your lesson content creative as a teacher otherwise you'll lose your target audience, i.e. your whole classroom. However, although I enjoyed this aspect of teaching, I wanted to put more focus on my own creative side and use it more corporately, due to loving an internship I completed over the summer.

My Internship was based in Canary Wharf and the role was heavily based around my writing skills and I loved the business world and the fast-paced lifestyle it had to offer. I'm often on the go and I travel a lot to meet with friends and family. From this experience I realized I was attracted to to the idea of promoting products, services and brands. I found when working in London that I received satisfaction when seeing the effects of a successful project, which then motivated me more and further put me off the teaching career path. Within the corporate sector I enjoyed helping to raise the profile of a business, through targeted bids and strategies, and is something I'd be thoroughly inspired by and will enjoy in the future.

I'd like to be part of a collaborative team which finds new ways to reach target audiences. I enjoy a challenging environment and the aspects of discussing intuitive promotional ideas and making sure campaigns run smoothly. It seems highly rewarding, especially when a campaign is a success which is the kind of creative and motivating career that I'm striving for.

I am passionate about design and keen to start my career in the editorial sector. Most of all, I have fantastic attention to detail regarding grammar and spelling skills, I consistently show a positive attitude towards work and I'm always looking to progress through learning new skills.


analytical, attention to detail, Collaborative, creative, High research skills, organisation, Patience and Empathy, Refined writing skills, Teaching, Working to tight deadlines

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Bids and Proposals, Education

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