About me

The three disciplines I'm most passionate about are writing, branding and social media marketing. Having recently graduated with a first class degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications, with unprecedented marks on my Brand Portfolio project, I enjoy translating messages about products and services in the most creative way possible.

I have two years experience at CWA Creative Agency, both as Marketing Executive and Digital Content Executive. Through this role, I've written content for global brands and worked on high-scale projects both at the idea generation stage, and with clients directly. I have experience with advertising on social media, video production, and website building on Wordpress, whilst also being comfortable presenting work and public speaking.

In my spare time, I'm proud to have worked on radio broadcasts with Foundation FM, Keep Hush UK and Hotel Radio Paris. I write poetry and prose, and am an avid reader, which improves my professional copywriting greatly. I enjoy film photography, at @seventimesfive on Instagram, and am proficient in software such as Photoshop, Indesign and Adobe Premiere Pro.



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