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Stagecoach South East operate busses across East Kent and East Sussex with a few services extending to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells in West Kent. Working closely with PR and marketing agency Maxim we were briefed to produce a series of animations to support the new Zero Tolerance campaign to raise awareness that incidents of violence against bus drivers will not be tolerated.


Each animation tells an anonymous real life story of a member of staff recounting an incident at work. These 30″ animations are to be used in an online campaign across social media channels, with alternative portrait ‘mobile first’ versions for Snapchat.

"We didn’t know much about animation, having never done it before, but Digitom came along and sorted it all for us.

"They are really professional and have an instinct for what’s needed and what works. Big thumbs up for Digitom!" Matthew Maytum, Communications Manager


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