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I was bored of my cufflink collection so I looked into making my own

If it's cool enough, it's small enough to fit on a cufflink. Micro Machines were the best toys I had as a kid. The fact they don't make them any more is a crying shame. I stumbled upon my old collection not long ago and wanted some way of showing them off. What better way then at work... or at a wedding... or party, on a pair of cufflinks? I have been wearing my many pairs for some time now and love seeing peoples reactions when they spot the different items I have made into cufflinks. I am most proud of my Micro Machine cufflinks, and selling them has given me license to spend far too much money purchasing hundreds of them, much to my wifes annoyance. They cover every workspace in the house. I have sold pairs of cufflinks all over the world and that pleases me greatly, that something I made is turning up in a wedding in Wyoming, to the office in Ontario or at a party in Paris.

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