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Project featured:Yazidi Women for CNN
on 25th January 2016
Project featured:Two Queens timeline for CNN
on 7th February 2016
Project featured:Animated infographics / CNN
on 14th April 2016
Project featured:The secret lives of your fellow plane passengers
on 20th May 2016
Project featured:The secret passions of Fernanda Ly
on 24th May 2016
Project featured:Brexit: what does it mean for you?
on 1st July 2016
Project featured:Unusual Travel Jobs / CNN
on 3rd October 2016
Project featured:CNN at Cannes Lions
on 26th January 2017
Project featured:Brexit to-do list illustrations
on 3rd April 2017
Project featured:F1 2017 Driver Line Up
on 10th May 2017
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