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Have helped agencies transform, grow and build great work over a 20-year period spanning a multitude of digital, creative, and media disciplines.

Audience First narratives always. Culture & Creativity over format. I build work that sits at the heart of entertainment and innovation.

Started in "Digital" growing DoubleClick Int's creative dept back in the early days or banners and takeovers. Invented the brandmark/overlay by hacking flash 3 transparency, creating a new industry, and changing how we did digital advertising.

Helped launch agency dot com in Ireland. Integrated it into TBWA as "Integrated Creative lead / CD". Launched Audi A1 in the EU with European acclaim and awards. Launched Jameson Cult Film Club, repositioned & rebranded Jameson to launch Jameson & Giner. Did a presidential-backed campaign to redevelop the economy. Got people drinking milk again through the Dairy Council of Ireland.

Then moved to the Middle East in 2014. Rebuilt Havas Digitals' creative offering. Led the integration and growth into Havas Worldwide. Got 17 global markets to digitally cheers for PSG football team in Paris. Worked with Messi and Zlatan on getting people to stand against Bullying and to #standforgood.

Joined VICE in 2017 as founding ECD of VICE Arabia, launching with the Grand Prix Winning Feature-length Documentary "Bil Arabi". Quickly built the agency to have a roster of high-profile global clients and a body of work. Making music videos with Rita Ora, and films with Gweneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Zoe Saldana.

Made the most important * emotional piece of work to date called Womanhood.

Helped launch the regions most progressive women's content platform for Unilever - miraa

As head of Creative Asia Pacific, India, Middle East Africa, I'm expanding and building the agency and finding new ways for brands to matter in an increasingly complex world.

Have never been more frustrated, happier, and connected to culture in my 20 years of work than I am now.


Dislikes Safe, Perseverance, Virgo (It is a skill)

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2021 TOP 100 Creative LeadersCreative Leader of the Year
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on 29th June 2021
Project featured:A Story Takes Flight with Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson. Zoe Saldana. Dubai Tourism.
on 30th June 2021
Project featured:WOMANHOOD x 1st for Women. What it means to be a woman in South Africa today.
on 30th June 2021
Project featured:Nike. Queens of the Court
on 1st July 2021
Project featured:Dettol. In Every Home
on 13th July 2021
Project featured:Emoji Me | See Beyond the Hijab
on 6th January 2022
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