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I am a multi talented, problem solving, natural leader who has a passion for 3D modelling. No matter what job I try, I find myself coming back to 3D modeling every time. I geuss its because it can sometimes be a puzzle in its self as I am technically new to it yet used to intermediate terminology and habits. I am someone to just gels to technology and software due to my logistical thinking. It does help that a lot of UI systems are made similar to make it easier for the companies customers to be used to similarities rather than being different. Thankfully, im not them. I am different, a one of a kind. A very memorable one of a kind that can mix and mould to different types of people worldwide. I can think outside of the box and see from different points of views. I am always wanting to build and improve myself in many different ways, this allows me to take criticism on board and use it to improve. I in fact, love having feedback, good or bad. It lets me know what to improve which is something I strive for. My open mindedness makes it easy as I am open to compromising and my strength of researching, breaking down and analysing issues others may see as impossible to fix, may not seem as impossible when im done with it and when I have a problem, im not afraid to ask for help. These are just some of the qualities that make me a great employee.


3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Brain storming, Game Design, Problem Solving, Research & Development

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