About me

Hello World!!!! :-)
Hi there. I am focused, passionate, very much a 'go
getter' , determined to succeed no matter what pitfalls I face(and
there can be many) , am very much into Business Development -
creating lasting relationships that bear monetary fruit because
of that element of trust, and amazing Customer Service.
Now I'll also mention the 'oh so slightly insane' (but in
the jobs that I tend to go after that's possibly a good thing) and
completely shoe mad.It also helped when I was a Finalist for
Outstanding Contribution for Business as per The Scottish Businesswomen
I support the MS Society in Scotland, Scottish Spina Bifida(com and
Endometriosis UK because its important to give something back I think
and too many women are becoming victims of these diseases!

I'm also passionate about women in business looking like women and
still bringing in business. I created my own networking group called
Success In The City and the group has its home based on Linked In - the
idea being that women network differently to men - in one meeting we
can cover shoes, babies, animals, sports and still conduct networking
and business which has resulted/ ended in high revenue sales for
I have no problems with travelling for work and have, in the past
travelled up to 100% for work and I have lived and travelled
I can be contacted via carolbrown3@gmail to discuss any of the
above and my profile on Linked In can be found at *
Thanks for looking and have a great day

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