About me

When I was 3 years old I used to draw green elephants - in kindergarden I was always holding a pencil in my hand and filling pages with my favourite, extravagant and colourful animals, but my teachers didn't appreciate my doodles, they kept saying they were wrong. Elephants aren't green.

I didn't understand, I liked those elephants.

Through our imagination we can make visible what's invisible, we can express emotions without saying a word, we can make people see things from another perspective.

This is the point of being a visual artist to me - it's all about people.

If I could see green elephants - and believe me, they were beautiful to me! - I wanted other people to see them too.

I loved elephants so much that I wanted to become a vet, but I never stopped drawing, until I realised I liked drawing more than elephants and here I am, many years later, trying to describe myself as a professional visual artist.

I don't just draw and develop ideas all the time, I also need to get inspired and my neverending source of creativity are my travels around the world and, above all, the interesting people I meet. My encounters, observations and conversations challenge me to be constantly looking for new mediums and concepts.

I have worked on illustration projects, as well as a freelance painter, graphich designer, film maker and storyboard artist.

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English, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese
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