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Coming from a background in television and video games, most of the Calamari Royale output is illustration based or game consultation. We are especially proficient in the field of character design, be it working with established characters such as Pokemon or the oldest comic character still working today, Korky the Cat or designing ground breaking new ones.

But it's not just about things on the screen, we've designed underwear, giant cakes and run events.

We are especially experienced with child and youth branding and creating gaming and interactive experiences for this demographic. I hate to use the word 'funky' but it seems to be client buzzword (another word I hate to use) to describe what we do. I'd prefer the term 'ace' but I think that just shows my age. (But we are ace.)



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Computer Games, Design, Television


BBC, Birds Eye, Budweiser, Cadbury, cartoon network, Channel 4, Crazy Label, Disney, EMAP, Hitachi, Hooplo Media, IPC, Kid Robot, Letts, Marvelous AQL, Maverick Media, Mind Candy - Moshi Monsters, Nikelodeon, Sony, The Guardian, The Sun, TopShop, Toy2R, Ubisoft

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