About me

My biggest inspiration and mentor in life is my father, he isn't a big talker so all the big lessons I've learned from him have been through his actions, especially his art, he taught me that I should embrace evolution and change, he taught me that experimentation is the only way to find meaning, and he also taught me that work ethic is the base of creation.

Since age 10 I was obsessed with cars, I took every car magazine I could put my hands on and I flipped through the pages gazing at all the beautifully carved shapes so that I could eventually recreate my favorite ones, tracing and recreating this shapes with my own hand gave me a unique sense of freedom and it was that sense of freedom that triggered the rest of my life, fast forward a few years, between the age of 15 and 18, I took several courses on car design, sketching and graphic design, then I began to study Industrial Design as a Degree that then lead me to media creation (videography and photography).

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